Meet our entire team


We brought you genuine certified Kampot pepper to Europe in 2018.
Today we are one of the largest exporters worldwide. We are not resellers of big rich foreign farms.
All the beautiful work you will see here is the work of us - the .pepper..team.

Who's behind this


Chief Troublemaker
Founder, visionary and driving force behind the brand. I mainly take care of the company's development and innovation on both the European side and the Cambodian side and oversee the expansion. My motivation is our farmers' smiles on one side and satisfied customers on the other.


Chief Pepper Storyteller
I'm in charge of what .pepper..field looks like - including the design of all the products and the story that comes through. From the very beginning, I've helped tell the beauty and story of pepper through our products. I look for similar stories in other local brands with whom we create unconventional pepper delicacies.


Chief Digital Ninja
I oversee everything digital and thanks to me and my team we are one of the most successful startups in the Czech Republic. I'm not very visible, but my work is - I'm kind of the introvert driving the whole brand. In my world of spreadsheets and codes there lies the entire world of .pepper..field.


Chief of Disaster
I am the master of expeditionary chaos. My job is to make sure everything fits together. I'm in charge of shipping, eshop, suppliers, optimizing inventory and last but not least choosing the most skilled hands to pack your package with love and care.


Chief Cambodian
Ajaa's heart is truly in the right place. Having grown up on the streets himself, it is his dream to make Cambodia a better place to live for many Khmer people through .pepper..field. He is an incredible hard worker who most enjoys spending time with our farmers' families one day and then turning around and presenting to the Minister of Trade the next day with incredibly calm as if he has been doing this all his life!


Chief Code Ninja
My job is to make every pixel of our websites, e-shops and internal systems at least half as perfect as a Kampot peppercorn. Working at .pepper..field fills me with the feeling that individuals with a common goal can change the world for the better.


Manager of the Universe
If you need to get anything done or arranged, the universe manager is here for you! I take care of the running of our entire office, making sure nothing is missing and everyone has everything. Most of all, I enjoy that there is something new every day at .pepper..field and I am always learning new things. Our great team is an added bonus to all of this!


Karma Trader
All my life I've wanted to do work that is meaningful. Here at pepper...field we work with wonderful people to help Cambodian farmers and their families improve their lives. This is what fulfills me and makes me feel good in my soul. That's why I'm at pepper..field.


Digital Marketing Ninja
I may not be visible, but you see my work very often. I'm here to make sure you don't miss out on any of our events or new products.


Pepper Believer
I had been searching for a company that worked to create a sustainable way of improving the lives of people in other countries. I could not believe my luck when I met the team a few years ago and was asked to join. I will be heading our presence in Cambodia, helping to expand our reach and the benefits our work provides. This is truly a dream come true.


Digital Artist
I create creative magic out of thin air, ideally with a snap of my fingers of course. You see my work on everything you see our logo on - from printed labels on packaging to in-store purchases. I love a challenge and progress, which is why I joined the fast-growing .pepper..team where I saw potential from day one.

o-nas o-nas o-nas

We started the .pepper..field project in 2018 and since then Cambodia has been our second home. With 100% fair trade pepper sourcing, we are ensuring economic growth and self-sufficiency in the region as well as technological development.
Due to the project's large development impact on Cambodia, we are trusted and supported by the Czech Development Agency.
We are currently helping more than 200 farming families live a good life. Our company is a proud member of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Association and fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. For our hard work, we were awarded 2nd place in the Business category of the SDG Awards in 2021. The fact that we import very high quality raw material is confirmed by the Great Taste award, which two of our peppers achieved, one of which took the highest 3-star position.
We have managed to combine the taste of pepper, doing good works in Cambodia and bringing you the authenticity of our project, all in the form of luxury gifts that help others.
Thank you!